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Venice light

Venice light, originally uploaded by StevieDB.

B.C. Ferry

B.C. Ferry, originally uploaded by StevieDB.

July 4th view

July 4th view, originally uploaded by StevieDB.


From a fascinating article by Caroline Alexander in the April 21, 2008 New Yorker about tigers that live in the mangrove forests of Bengal, in India and Bangladesh:

Ahead, lazing on the mud, was a small crocodile. As the boat ambled on, Dr. Sanyal told of an eyewitness account reported many years ago: Crossing a broad river, like this one, a tiger had been followed by a crocodile. Maneuvering alongside the tiger, the crocodile thrashed its great tail, striking the tiger across his nose. Here Dr. Sanyal straightened his back and raised his head imperiously; unconsciously, he assumed the mien and manner of the hero-beast. “Tiger had blood coming out of his nose,” Dr. Sanyal said, majestically. “But he did not say a thing. He kept on swimming. As soon as he got to the other side, he put one paw on the ground, and he turned with the second paw and came up under the crocodile’s belly, and flipped him”—eighteen hundred pounds of estuarine crocodile, which the tiger then ripped open. There was a pause while we savored this tale of strategy and courage. Dr. Sanyal had regained his own gentle manner. “And this is why we love Tiger,” he said.

High clouds

High clouds, originally uploaded by StevieDB.

Venusian lunch

Venusian lunch, originally uploaded by StevieDB.


dandelionshadow, originally uploaded by StevieDB.

a macro shot from the back yard. i like how the the space defined by the shadow and green lit grass in the background creates a strong composition and highlights the dandelion in the foreground.

Stella Polaris, a short film by Christian Svanes Kolding

“…past the hazard lights of foreclosed suburbia, past windmills and broken promises, the city of stow-aways reveals itself.”

stella polaris from svanes on Vimeo.


Yum!, originally uploaded by StevieDB.

Stand up shots from Ray’s

A couple of snaps of the boys doing some standup surfing. Set waves were actually pretty decent sized, as evidenced by the second shot below. The first shot is a much better photo, mostly due to the fact that I used the 3x zoom on the Canon SD-330, which is optical. The other shots were done with 12x zoom, which resulted in digital artifacts and lower image quality. Click on the first image for more detail at larger size.



Painting from a little while ago

I tried to capture the backlight gray horizontal bands of the beach at Venice in this painting. It’s called fishing.


On my printer right now

on my printer

Dewey Dragonfly


Martin Amm took this cool macro photo. (via Neatorama)

Lykke Li - live on the street in Närkesgatan, Södermalm i Stockholm

This is tight. Lykke Li is a 21 year old singer from Sweden who is making some interesting music.

Steven Wilson


Steven Wilson, illustrator.

Do you feel as good as this guy?

Rockin’ it, Canadian-white-guy-style. Seriously, this guy looks like he’s having a ton of fun.

High Tide Wane Moon


Kazuumi Takahashi’s first monograph. This book features 25 spreads. A shot of the moon on the left, and a shot of the ocean on that corresponding day on the right. Simple, profound, beautiful. He is the son of a fisherman.

Found via Coolhunting.

JRVelasco website


Check it out here.

Polish Pavilion


Hot damn. Conceptual design for the Polish Pavilion of the 2010 Shanghai Expo and World’s Fair. Link to project site (thanks BLDG blog).

Hockney Watercolors


David Hockney turned to watercolors late in his career. LA Louver has a roundup of their 2005 exhibition of watercolors he painted in East Yorkshire in 2003 and 2004. Thanks, Acuarela. More analysis here and here and here.